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GPS Showdown #1

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I have been using GPS devices on my rides for probably 4 to 5 years now.  I started with a Garmin Edge 205 until it eventually started randomly cutting off during my rides.  Garmin wouldn’t replace it, so I had to buy another one.  With a limited market of products available, and not wanting to spend more than $200, I bought another Edge 205.  It worked well, though the screen developed a large black blot in the upper left part of the screen.

Frustrated that Garmin would not replace this device, I ended up buying a Timex Global Trainer in January 2011.  As luck would have it, after a few months of use the unit would randomly turn off during my rides….sometimes within the first few seconds.  Ready to abandon GPS units for good, I contacted Timex.  Without any questions asked, they replaced my unit free of charge and I could not be happier.

Showdown: the reason for the showdown is to compare outputted data from my old Garmin Edge and my new Timex GT.  I have long known that the Garmin would occasionally lose GPS signal and therefore “jip” me on some mileage.  I also knew that my original Timex GT would rob me of approximately 15% of my mileage.  This was most prevalent on the trails, and not so much on the road.

Showdown #1 occurred on a very casual road ride at Oak Mtn State Park.  I was still suffering from bronchitis, so my pace was down and I was unable to log as much distance as I intended.  Still, I believe I got enough for a decent comparison between the two devices.  Below is the final data:

Garmin Edge 205:  13.68 miles, 693 feet of elevation gain, 17.7 mph average.

Timex Global Trainer:  13.53 miles, 1759 feet of elevation gain, 17.5 mph average.

Mileage is relatively close, though I still believe I am getting robbed a little by the Timex unit.  The big difference is elevation gain, which is actually such a huge discrepancy that I have no idea which one to believe.  While there are some significant hills, I find it hard to believe that I logged 1759 feet of gain.

Showdown #2 will take place on the trails, which is where I do most of my riding anyway.  I expect even larger mileage differences due to spotty GPS signals.  I might even include my iphone’s Every Trail app as part of the showdown.


ride report – 06/12/2011

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Decided to hit the trails above Mt Laurel at around 1:30pm on Sunday.  It took quite a bit of self motivation for me to not lay on the couch and watch TV instead….just wasn’t feeling it for some reason but knew I had to get in some time on the bike since I was only able to ride once during the rest of the week.

Rather than riding down Hwy 41 and taking pavement up to the ridge, I went ahead and endured the painful hike-a-bike from Spoonwood Lake up to the paved ridge line road.

Turned left at the paved road and continued all the way to the radio/cell tower.  From there I took a doubletrack trail across the ridge until it met up with the gravel road.  This was my first time on this doubletrack in almost a year and I found that it had been recently smoothed out, making it much more enjoyable to ride than in previous years.

Took gravel road until it forks, giving the option of going two different routes which both follow ridgelines (with a rather deep valley between).  I chose the left route (what I usually call the north trail) and followed it to the second power line crossing.

Got to have a mid-ride snack of fresh blackberries.

nature's energy snack

On the way back I happened to run into Travis, who was on a much longer ride than me (he rode from Mt Laurel to Soccer Blast, then on Dunnavant Valley Greenway to a trail that took him to the top of the ridge).  While waiting for him to finish a phone conversation he was having, I snapped a few pics looking across the deep valley between the two ridges.

2011 Team Kits

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Team kits were ordered last week.  Should be delivered around mid July.

The jerseys and shorts should look awesome.  Thanks to Jeff J for the killer logo design.