awesome month of training for Leadville

While Travis and Eddie have no doubt been training hard for Leadville, life has somehow conspired against me for my efforts.  This summer was supposed to be full of long days in the saddle and some serious miles, however I have yet to ride more than 25 miles in one ride, nor ride longer than 2.5 hours, since doing the Big Frog 65 in late April.  Not exactly what I would call hard training, and I am starting to get quite worried.

Since converting to tubeless, I have gotten in only two rides where I actually did not pop a flat tire.  Not sure what’s going on, but the tubeless experience just hasn’t been working out for me.  While the sealant usually is able to seal the holes, it hasn’t always fully done the trick.  So far I have at least three punctures in my rear tire, one of which required a tire patch.  One of the other two is still acting up and occasionally splitting open when hitting rough sections of trail.

This past week was fairly typical of my summer: got in a 20-mile road ride at Oak Mtn one day, followed by a 45-minute indoor trainer ride a couple days later.  Then went out for what would have been a 3-hour ride on Saturday morning, only to have the puncture hole reappear in my rear tire after one hour.  I had forgotten to carry a tube and CO2 cartridge, so I ended up walking 5 miles back to my house.  Sunday afternoon allowed me just enough time for a road ride of around 18 miles.  So, all told I probably got in around 4 hours of total ride time for the week….pretty much my norm for the past few months.

12 hours to ride 100 miles at Leadville is looking more and more daunting by the week.  Only 20 more days to go.


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