Xterra World Championships Part II

As I woke Saturday after a great night of sleep, I knew I was 24 hours away from laying down the best race of my season. I say that, not being cocky, but knowing that the course suited me to perfection. The swim was two 750 meter loops with a 150 meter run in between. It is so crystal clear that you get caught up in just looking around. Did I mention it was not wetsuit legal but it didn’t matter because it’s so salty that your body position is much better due to the buoyancy factor. The run and bike are pure fitness tests and I felt very confident.
Well, Eddie and I decided to ride our bikes one more time. He was having a hard time with his large Orbea and needed a longer stem and set back seat post which Donnie quickly supplied. Unfortunately, we ended up riding 45 minutes and I felt like crap and all of a sudden my mojo had disappeared with less than 24 hours to go before the cannon blasted.
At this point Sarah and I along with Eddie and Vickie decided to have a few cocktails. Our pre race dinner was at the Maui Brewing Company where the nachos and Bikini Blonde beers flowed. Donnie and his family joined us which was real cool. Donnie does bike camps and tours for lots of pro athletes as well as movie stars. In fact, while riding the course on Thursday, he mentioned to us that Owen Wilson just called him from Germany and wanted to catch up soon. Very cool. For the record, I have a 6 beer allowance for the entire day before I race which I may have to rethink. Off to bed with a 9 am start. That’s why I love Xterra, no early ass wake up and having to drop your bike off the day before!!
On a final note, Casey’s wife Andrea, Vickie, and Sarah all raced the 10k and kicked ass. Sarah was 12th female overall. I was very proud of her and she couldn’t stop talking about how much she loves Xterra and wants to do more of the trail races and tris.
Stay tuned for race day woes.




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