Xterra World Championships Final

Nice not having to set an alarm for Xterra races as they begin at 9 am. After having an egg sandwich and coffee with Eddie at the local store I decided to take my bike to transition a little earlier than usual. To my surprise, Lance Armstrong was setting up his stuff as well. I took a look at him and noticed he wasn’t much bigger than me and that there was NO way I was going to let him out split me on the run.
After an easy two mile warm up I headed to the beach for the start. I was right up front when the cannon sounded and I stayed on Eddies feet for about 1 minute before the massive chaos of 700 people made me lose my concentration. Everyone went to far left of the first buoy and had to almost swim backwards and right so as not to cut the course. There were some people who did, but had they turned around they would have lost minutes. Oh well, they will have to live with not racing clean. I had a hard time but did doggie paddle my ass off to get around. The second loop begins after a brief 150 yard or so run on the beach. I felt great and it was hilarious to look down almost 20 feet and see a photographer in his scuba gear just looking up at all of us. Crazy.
I came out of the water in 28 minutes yet I think the timing mat was at T1. I jumped on my rented Orbea 29er hard tail and started off on my 30k ride. I knew it wasn’t ny day immediately as I was getting passed left and right. Just look at all my races this year and my bike legs are far mire superior than the other two. So as you can imagine my mind was playing tricks on me. As I crested the top of a climb at mt 6, I saw Eddie in front of me and his response to another athlete when he said “on your left” was ” Like it f$&@;/g matters!!!” I was laughing as much as I could while simply trying to get up the hill. Eddie tells me he hasnt passed anyone yet on the bike and I replied “me either until YOU” we both chuckled and just tried to enjoy the moment of racing in Hawaii.
After coming in off the bike, I knew I had no shot of an age group podium but still wanted to run down some people. After a half mile, I got the killer instinct I wad missing all day and really began racing. It felt good to pass all the guys and gals who beat me on the bike. I ran strong all the way to the finish and only walked up two hills that were almost impossible to run. I quarter mile on the beach nearing the finish was very tough and I just kept waiting for a calf explosion.
I finished 27th in my AG, Eddie was 36th, Casey was 2nd, and Lori was 2nd. Overall a great showing from the Bham clan. I am hooked and am planning 2012 as we speak. Ironman will have to wait a bit longer. Oh, and I did beat LA by a few minutes on the run 😉




One Response to “Xterra World Championships Final”

  1. Way to stick it to LA!
    You guys represented well. Good going.

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