Happy New Year

HNY to everyone out there.  I hope it involves as much riding as possible.

I was lucky enough to start off the year right this afternoon with a quick ride at Oak Mtn.  Just North Trailhead to lake, then Lake Trail, and back to North Trailhead.  Maybe 15 to 16 miles total.  Not much, but after three weeks with no ride time it hit the spot.

New for this year on my bike are some SRAM grip shifters that I recently had installed.  This was my first ride with them, and I’ve got to say I really like it.  The front shifter will take a litter getting used to (you have to turn the shifter a little further than you do for the rear shifter), but the rear shifter worked amazingly smooth.  Also got to ride on my wheels for the first time since getting them repaired (some spokes replaced, wheels trued) and they had outstanding performance.  I think this is the best they have felt since I first got them.

Now just to bunker down for the winter and then start getting ready for Big Frog 65 in late April.  After that I hope to hit a few local races and then go back to Fool’s Gold in August.  Looks to be a fun year ahead.


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