nothing like a tuesday afternoon ride…

After getting through with a meeting in Cullman shortly after lunch time on March 6th, I had my bike on the roof rack and was able to bypass my office and head straight to Oak Mtn State Park for a nice little ride in spring-like weather.  Brian was planning on going later in the afternoon, but I knew if I went to my office I would get sucked in until 5pm.

I decided to do a modified loop, riding clockwise starting at the canoe marina.  My ride went, more or less, through Seven Bridges, Group Camp Road, Flow Trail (Lightning), Garrett’s Gulch, Chimney, Dog Cat Snake, Red Road Climb, BUMP connector, Jekyll & Hyde, Mr. Toad’s, Rattlesnake Ridge, and the Lake Trail.  All told I logged around 21 miles.  Not bad for a Tuesday ride, considering I can count on one hand how many times I’ve been on my mountain bike in 2012.

This was my first ride down Lightning….been avoiding it somewhat because of all of the danger warnings posted by some of the BUMP forum users, and also simply because my only other chance to ride it I was in a hurry and didn’t have much time.  I’ve got to say, this is not nearly as dangerous as I was expecting.  In fact, it was just plain fun.  Granted, I was laying on my brakes quite a lot, and doing my best not to get much air on the jumps.  Had I wanted to, I can see how I could have easily gotten way out of control and put myself in some tricky situations.  But to me, the top part of Jekyll & Hyde is more dangerous due to the technical nature of the rocky terrain.  Lightning was just really fast….pretty much no rocks to speak of.  This trail just begs to be ridden with a bike having 4″ of front and rear suspension….I imagine a 650B wheel size would also really rock this trail.  I look forward to my next chance to ride it, even if it is on my 29er hardtail with the seatpost extended way up… need for a full suspension bike with a dropper seatpost for me.


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