freakin’ Ulsers

So maybe my sickness on the night before Big Frog 65 wasn’t all food poisoning….been getting nausea spells pretty much every day since that weekend.  It usually comes on around late morning and gets so bad I have a hard time eating much of anything for lunch.  It also drains my energy fairly severely, which has led to not near enough training for this weekend’s +/- 60-mile Skyway Epic race.

After two visits to my doctor and a separate trip to get an ultrasound and an upper GI test, it looks like the culprit is the early onset of stomach ulcers.  Apparently acid has been building in my stomach so fast that it is causing the rapid nausea, along with the resulting fatigue from not being able to eat enough calories.  But the positive side to all of that is that it has quickly dropped me from 187 pounds down to 180 pounds, which is the lightest I have been since probably my sophomore year of college in 1992 or 1993.  The reduced weight should make up for some of the lost training time when I am hitting the major climbs in the Skyway Epic.  And hopefully the Prevacid I was prescribed will clear things up in the next couple of months.

But not all training has been lost….been feeling pretty good this week, though I have taken the last two days off.  Was able to get in rides on Saturday (road, 30 miles), Monday morning (road, 13), Tuesday morning (road, 13), Wednesday morning (mountain, 8), and Wednesday afternoon (road, 17).  Wednesday’s road ride followed the weekly Time Trial route so it had me pushing pretty hard.  Overall I was pretty happy with the results.

For the rest of the 41 Flyers – who’s in for Fool’s Gold on September 8th?  I believe that would be the weekend after Labor Day.  We should all go up there and rent a cabin somewhere.

I did get some good news this week….a jersey design that I did for the IMBA World Summit got selected as one of two winners, which means that it will become an official IMBA jersey and will be available for sale this summer.  The jersey had to do two things: 1) incorporate the World Summit logo, which I thought could have been greatly improved upon, and 2) incorporate some sort of reference to the host site, which this year is New Mexico.  Hence the background of snakeskin from a Western Diamondback Rattler.  My prize for winning: a free jersey and a pair of socks.  Can’t say I can complain, because jerseys ain’t cheap.  And it will come from Primal Wear, so the quality will be top notch.  Should have it in my hands sometime in August.  Below is the winning design, along with two others that I did before settling on the snakeskin.



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