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Team Wooly Mammoth

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every now and then i come across a website that just begs to be shared.  this is one of those.

these guys may have the best website i have ever seen for an amateur racing team.  if only the 41 flyers crew was this sexy.



Ulsers Schmulsers

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After continuing to feel like total crapola for several weeks after my diagnosis with stomach acid/ulsers, I decided to consult a different doctor for his take.  After taking my blood sugar level (which was low), taking my temperature (which was only 96.8 degrees), and listening to my list of symptoms, my new doctor is quite certain that I have become hypoglycemic.  Basically, I have developed the opposite of diabetes: my blood sugar tends to drop too fast and too often, forcing me to need to eat more often throughout the day.  Some blood tests are currently being run to make sure I am not producing too much insulin on my own, hence triggering the rapid drops.

While this really sucks in terms of trying not to consume too many calories (and therefore not gain a bunch of weight), at least I have a fairly clear direction on how to make myself feel better.  I definitely need to up my carb intake…been getting too few carbs and too much protein and that needs to stop.  I also was instructed to eat more complex carbs, such as those found in whole wheat pastas, rather than simple carbs like those found in basic starches or white breads.  By keeping a daily food log I should be able to steadily see what my diet breakdown is for the near future.

What I am not clear on yet is how this will affect me on long rides, whether it is for training or racing.  When all I can consume is gels, liquids, and maybe the occasional bar or block, I just don’t know how I will be able to take in enough carbs to help avoid the nausea, fatique, lightheadedness, and loss of concentration that sweeps over me most mornings around 10 to 11.

I plan to adjust my daily diet, especially paying close attention to what I eat on days when I ride before work (whether indoor trainer or outside on the road), and see what happens with my sickness symptoms over the next few weeks.  If things have not yet gotten any better, a follow-up visit will be in order to either go for a long-term glucose test or to perhaps look for something else that might be illing me up.

Unfortunately, I don’t see many long rides in my future until I can start going for at least a couple of days without feeling sick.  But hey, the new team jerseys should be shipped soon so that will at least give me some motivation to get things back on track so that I can sport the new kit at a fall race or two.