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Singlespeed fun 2 – electric boogaloo

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After having spent a few more weeks riding only singlespeed, I can give another update on how it’s been working out.  I first set up my Stumpjumper 29er as a SS, and for the past few weeks it’s been my Vassago Bandersnatch.  My ride opportunities have admittedly been fewer and farther between than I would like, down to maybe 1.5 to 2 hours per week in lieu of the +/- 4 hours per week I normally get.  But some early morning SS rides are definitely good for getting the blood flowing before work.  Now for the electric boogaloo review….

My initial gearing was 32×16, which I really love.  However, upon setting up the Snatch I ended up down-gearing to 32×18 to save my legs a bit.  Most all of my rides involve a Cat 4 pavement climb, which happens to come probably just 1/2 mile into my ride, so it was just too much of a brute to run 32×16 on a heavier steel bike while trying to ascend fast enough to not tip over.  That extra 11% of gear ratio has definitely helped.

The simplicity of riding SS can’t be beat….that is until I happen to break my chain and have forgotten my missing link since I was too caught up in the whole “simplicity” thing to remember that kind of stuff.  But I learned from that and moved on.  My other rides have been pretty much flawless….that is until this past Saturday.

While riding the mountaintop above Mt Laurel, my chain started to occasionally skip….basically like it would sometimes if a geared chain skips.  I didn’t think much about it and kept riding.  On my return leg, my chain keeper started slipping to the side for no good reason, which I attributed to a loose clamp connection.  I tightened it up a few times and it would slip again, so I eventually just removed it altogether.  Luckily I was able to get all the way back to my neighborhood problem free, so I decided to take a ride on the new trail that loops around our lake.

Three times on the lake trail my chain completely came off of the chainring.  I thought to myself “I should really retighten that chain tensioner when I get home”.  It was just being a total pain in the butt.  Then on the fourth time that it fell off, my cranks also locked up.  I looked down to see that I had somehow taco’d my freaking chainring.  I really don’t know how in the world that could have happened, but it was bent clean to the side and two of the chainring bolts had stripped out.  This was undoubtedly a problem in the making, and certainly was the reason for my chain skipping while on top of the mountain and falling off while on the lake trail.  I guess my shear quadzilla power just torqued the chainring into oblivion, because I have not done anything to damage the chainring, and in fact have been running a bashguard the entire time.

Well, a new chainring is on the way thanks to ebay, so I hope to be out riding again by this coming weekend.  If problems persist, as much as I hate to think about it I might have to put back on the gears.  Otherwise I hope to rock the SS setup until the end of 2012 so that I can get some tough muscle training in before next season begins.


Well sheeeet

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Looked forward to a Labor Day ride at Oak Mtn all weekend. Got 1.2 miles into the ride and broke my chain. And forgot to bring a missing link. Well sheeeet.