Trike rebirth

This year for Christmas I decided I wanted to give my two-year old a tricycle. But rather than buy one that any other girl might have, I wanted it to be unique. So, I took the red Radio Flyer trike that I gave my oldest daughter five years ago and gave it new life.
I started by stripping off most of the parts and then sanding off the original clearcoat and paint. Then I primed all surfaces with gray Valspar primer. Next up was applying pink and black spray paint. Lastly, I put on new clearcoat and then reassembled everything. A few new parts (such as grips and pedals) rounded out the build.  Unfortunately new grips were only available in red, as I really would have preferred pink.
All in all it cost maybe $20, whereas a new trike would have run around $75 or more. And I rather like the murdered out black on pink.

IMG_0010[1] IMG_0009[1] IMG_0012[1] IMG_0011[1] IMG_0008[1]


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