Nice little cut

After more than four weeks off the bike, I decided to take Big Red out for a quick spin. With only an hour to spare, I headed out on 41 to the Dunnavant Valley Greenway Trail.
My trail riding skills have diminished due to lack of time on the bike, and this came to haunt me on a routine, albeit rocky, stretch of trail. My rear tire slipped on a rock and the next thing I knew I was falling over on my side. My left calf absorbed the blow, which didn’t feel too bad….until I looked at my leg.
A quick visit by my good friend Eric Evans, who I’ve relied on before due to his medical background, revealed that stitches would normally be needed but the skin on the front of my calf is too tight to make it work. So, I’ll be heading to Walgreens tonight to get some butterfly bandages in hopes of sealing it up as much as possible. No doubt will leave a scar.





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