2012 Riding Stats

Because I am a very numbers-oriented sort of guy, I’ve been keeping a strict tab on how many miles I log on my various bikes each year….be it on the road, trail, or the dreaded indoor trainer.  And really the only reason I get on the indoor trainer is to burn calories and avoid a rapid weight gain….I don’t ride it long enough to gain much cycling fitness at all, nor do I add any intervals to my time on the trainer, which would be very beneficial.  Just 30 minutes in the morning before work a couple days a week during cold weather is all I can stand to do.  But nonetheless, I’m including those miles.

2012 started out pretty good for me, logging decent trainer miles in the winter and then plenty of Spring miles outside once the winter died down (which must have happened pretty early based on looking back at my ride dates).  But, I had a fairly slow Summer, followed by a slower Fall, which really turned into not much at all by November and December.  My goal is usually to hit around 4 hours of bike time each week, which I typically achieve from April through October.  I know 4 hours a week does not sound like much (and not enough) for anyone reading this that trains on a regular basis in order to complete in races, but with 3 kids and a demanding full-time job that’s pretty much all I can ask for.  I achieved that goal with regular consistency, and often times hovering around the 5-6 hour mark, throughout the good weather months.  Then I hit November when I averaged just 1.6 hours per week, and December when I averaged only 1.4 hours per week.  And really October was not much better.

However, I decided around August that I would start running a little bit.  At first I truly hated it, as it had been so long and so infrequent that I really ran that going out for a 3-mile run at a pace of 8:10/mile felt like I was going to pass out.  Now when I run it is usually twice the distance and much closer to a 7:15/mile pace.  But the point of all this is that my time spent running has taken away from my time on the bike.  But really I’m OK with that.

Here are my 2012 riding stats:

Mountain Biking = 617 miles (seems low, huh?)

Road Biking = 636 miles

Indoor Trainer = 1225 miles

Total Climbing = 134,161 feet

And since I studiously keep records, here is where I was in 2011 for comparison:

Mountain Biking = 1003 miles

Road Biking = 215 miles

Indoor Trainer = 840 miles

Total Climbing = 151,976 feet

What this tells me is that for 2013 I need to make it a point to get outside more, especially on the mountain bike.  While one of my favorite races, Big Frog 65, is unfortunately already sold out for this Spring, there are some other endurance races on my radar that would give me a good excuse for some late Winter training.  But I also have my sights set on doing a few trail run races and maybe 15K or 13.1M road running events.  I think that the extra bit of running will only help my fitness for the long term, and even though it will decrease my time on the bike it should ultimately prove to be beneficial.


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