Back at it…Again!!

After several months of not riding while concentrating on my running prowess, I finally broke the seal with 3 days in a row at Oak Mountain State Park. It’s amazing how fast you lost your leg strength as I’m lighter and more cardiovascular fit than I’ve been in a while due to running more. While living in Florida, I could get away with jumping right back on the bike and do quite well because of the lack of hills, but not at Oak Mountain. The amount of lactic acid build up going up some of the climbs the last couple of days was very painful. I decided to do my infamous 3 hour loop that Eddie Thomas and I created two years ago in preparation for Cohutta 100 and the Leadville 100. It is essentially the regular Oak Mountain Loop with a couple of extras thrown in to make it over 3000 feet of climb in 3 hours. We did this ride 2 years ago and I did it twice at a clip fast than I did 1 today, so I’ve got some work to do pronto. It’s amazing what that park and it’s trails will do for you in terms of washing away stress. I feel like a million dollars and did the grocery shopping and am getting ready to cook dinner. Just like surfing, only a cyclist knows the feeling!


One Response to “Back at it…Again!!”

  1. Nice work….I noticed lots of PRs on those three rides.

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