Oak Mtn Ride Report – March 8, 2013

After not much ride time, particularly on my mountain bike, since the beginning of the year, things at work set up nicely for me to get out of the office a little early and enjoy what would be unseasonably warm weather here in Birmingham.  I loaded my bike on the roof rack the night before, along with throwing my clothes in the car just in case, and by 3pm found myself driving out of my office parking lot and heading towards Oak Mtn State Park.

After beginning to get some quad cramps on my last road bike ride, I knew I had to perhaps sacrifice some of the “fun” factor of riding at OMSP in order to start building a non-cramping leg base…which meant some extended climbing or hill repeats.  Having parked at the North Trailhead, the two best options for this are the Red Road climb and the Boy Scout Road climb.  I wanted to get in some singletrack, so I opted to head over to the Boy Scout Camp Road.

Not much to report on the ride itself, since aside from the singletrack I pretty much just ascended and descended the road twice, stopping at the Flow Trail entrance the first time and going to some old cabins the second time.  I had never ventured down past these old cabins and was pleasantly surprised to see some old stone chimneys nearby – remnants of older cabins I would assume.  One chimney had been turned into a fireplace for a new wood platform.  Pics are below, along with a snapshot from Strava showing how LITTLE I have been riding this year.  I’ve been on my trainer a few times, but this is ridiculous.

I returned to my car to find that someone had pulled my windshield wipers up.  I can only assume that it was one my buddies, but so far nobody has fessed up.


good thing presta valves don't leak when left open...didn't notice this until after my ride.

good thing presta valves don’t leak when left open…didn’t notice this until after my ride.

eyebrows at full attention.

eyebrows at full attention.



steeper than it appears – road leading from Boy Scout cabins back up to Flow Trail (Lightning).


The great thing about this time of year is being able to see through the forest at what lies beyond….the rest of the year it is simply way too dense.




Another road that hurts on a 32×16 singlespeed setup.






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