trail run with a rattlesnake and a wolf

I decided to hit Oak Mtn State Park for a trail run last Friday…my first run out there since I did a race last Fall, and also my first trail run since I injured my leg in early January.  Having only run two very short distances (basically just two 5Ks) since I did the Mercedes Half Marathon in mid February, I decided to keep the tempo fairly mild, which was not hard to do considering the run started with a 2-mile uphill climb on the “Red Road” at Oak Mtn.

Really there is not much worth reporting on this run, except that I saw a rattlesnake crossing the trail in front of me.  A mountain biker came by and warned me that there was a 5-foot long rattler on the trail ahead, but once I got to it I estimated it to be closer to 4 feet long.  He was also still a little skinny, likely just out for one of his first trips in the ‘hood since coming out of winter hiding.  He was very slow moving, and also never even rattled his tail at me when I nudged it with the longest stick I could find.  He was more like: “come on man, leave me alone….just trying to enjoy the weather and go for a stroll”.  Once he got far enough out of the way I decided to just keep running ahead.

The next thing I came upon was a chick out hiking with her two dogs.  I swear there is a leash law in effect, though this girl didn’t seem to care.  I had to deal with what looked like a tall thin wolf trying to bite my hand as I jogged past….all while the chick seemingly didn’t care that her wolf-dog is off his leash trying to mess with people.  I thought about warning them of the snake in case they were planning to turn around soon, but then decided I would let her deal with it on her own.

After reaching the green outpost shed on top of the ridge I decided that was a good place to turn around.  So, I got to deal with the wolf again on my way back.  Whatever.

All in all it was a little over 8 miles with some descent climbing at a comfortable pace.  Strava link can be found here.




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