so long old friend

Last week I ended up selling Sexy Lady (my Specialized Tarmac)….you can read a long-term review of it here.  It served me well for the past few years, but it was time to let her go.  I also am actively looking for a buyer for Big Red (my Vassago Bandersnatch) so that I can put the money towards a cyclocross bike.  (Actually, this should give me a surplus of money considering I don’t plan to spend much on the cx bike).

But before selling it, I took it for one last ride two Saturdays ago.  The weather was perfect, so I had hoped to get in around 35-40 miles of riding.  However, I noticed some major looseness in the chain when shifting to the small chainring on the Hwy 25 ascent, so I turned it around and headed for home via a small detour going the opposite direction on 25.  Turns out the chain was simply too long (I recently replaced it and must have ordered one with more links than needed).

While I was out, Double Oak Life Magazine asked me to take some photos for their June issue.  Not sure if they are going to use any of them or not, but below are some pictures I took along Shelby County Highways 41 and 101.  I’m usually too concerned with getting from Point A to Point B as fast as I can to ever really notice how beautiful these stretches of road can be in the spring time.














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