latest rides

Things have been pretty boring in terms of riding lately, as I don’t have a ton of pictures or data to share.  I guess that’s what happens when most of my riding is done pre-dawn in the dark and cold of a typical weekday morning.  I was able to get out for a decent/fun pavement ride last Saturday morning on my mountain bike…..nothing like passing a few roadies on a mtb while climbing and descending Hwy 25.

Most of my riding has been done on my still-fresh-feeling Stumpjumper Carbon HT 29er….this has been just an absolute awesome bike.  Aside from the fun factor of being able to take it on a few trail sections during some of my pre-dawn rides, I’ve also been riding it thanks to its stability and its ability to quickly hop off the road if I sense a car or truck is coming up on me too closely and might not see my taillight in time.  Plus, with a hardtail 29er I don’t feel like I am losing too much speed on the pavement as compared to my Specialized Crux cyclocross bike.

I’ve also picked up running again, with my first run since Thanksgiving taking place just a few weeks ago.  And prior to Thanksgiving, I could count on one hand how many times I had run since the previous Spring.

A few random, yet typical, recent photos are below, along with some random Strava links.  More photos can be seen on my instagram page.








strava link

strava link

strava link

strava link




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