decent training ride

I haven’t been riding enough long rides lately to feel even remotely ready for this weekend’s Skyway Epic, so I had a rare chance on Tuesday to go on a long-ish ride on my mountain bike at Oak Mountain State Park… first ride over two hours in length since Southern Cross in February.

I was able to combine pavement and trails for around 38 miles with 3000′ of climbing, at a time of over 3 hours.  Not close enough to what will likely be a 6-hour day at Skyway, but it was the best I’ve been able to do lately.

The highlights of my ride include sneaking up on a hawk and getting within 4 feet of him, and then about an hour later having a huge owl come straight for me on the trail with talons hanging.  He ended up just a couple of feet above my helmet when he passed overhead….I thought for sure he was planning to grab my helmet because he never deviate from course for the 20 yards or so that he tracked me down from directly in front of me.  It was a nice little adrenaline booster and fun to see one of nature’s predators in his element.

No photos to show, but here is the ride link for Strava.


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