41 Flyers Racing is a local (Birmingham, AL) bike racing team full of amateurs and weekend warriors.  Most of us live on or near the Highway 41 corridor in Shelby County.

Team/Club members include Michael O’Kelley, Brian Parker, David Brush, Travis Grappo, Jeff Jackson, Eddie Thomas, and Joe Dennis.  You may contact the club via this blog site or via email at mpokelley at bellsouth dot net.


2 Responses to “About”

  1. Brigid Galloway Says:

    Hi there! I’m the editor of a new magazine specifically about the 41 corridor! It’s debuting in February and will be distributed to people who live in Mt. Laurel, Greystone, Highland Lakes and the Hwy 41 area. My objective is to include local stories about local people. Would you like to contribute an article about your cyclist group? If so, please email me at brigid.galloway@hibu.com or call 205-603-8628 THANKS!

    • sure, i think i can put something small together. what would you need, and do you have any particular format/outline that you would want followed.
      i’m really jammed up at the moment, but could hopefully commit to the deadline for the first issue if that is what you need.

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